Terme Bagni Nuovi

The secrets of the spa of Bagni Nuovi Bormio are immersed in nature and history: 30 spa services within the Stelvio National Park, the largest spa complex in the Alps. Let yourself be seduced by our Alpine Spa.

Venus Gardens

Immersed in the warm waters gushing from the earth just meters away, abandon yourself to the pleasure of rediscovering your connection with Mother Nature.

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Neptune's Grotto

Forget the outside world for a moment. Alternate hot and cold. The body removes toxins and prepares for psycho - physical regeneration.

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Baths of Jupiter

After expelling  toxins in this third pathway, the body is reborn. Cleansing water has the power to restore energy.

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Baths of Hercules

Relaxing indoor pathway with different services favoring the aggregation and organization of thermal events. 

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