thermal path

QC Terme Bagni Vecchi

Feel the thrill of diving into a history over two thousand years old. Roman baths, a grotto leading to a thermal spring, and a panoramic outdoor pool overlooking Bormio’s basin: unique, timeless emotions guarantee full immersion in nature for  discovering  timeless wellness.

Panoramic pool

Whether summer or winter, you will be amazed by this immense panoramic open pool perched on the cliff. Enjoy a gentle anti-stress bath while pleasantly immersed in warm waters with gorgeous views of the Valley of Bormio.

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Baths of the Archduchess

Rejuvenating wellness pathway for body, mind, and soul. These spa practices promote the regeneration of the skin, leaving it soft. Our relaxation areas guarantee complete relaxation. The Baths of the Archduchess were built after the opening of the Stelvio Road (1825) to ensure the privacy of the Archduchess of Austria.

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Roman baths

A timeless journey towards the discovery of an age-old wellness. Try diving into two large side-by-side tubs carved inside a grotto where ancient, brave travelers used to soak. Rediscover the past through the present right at the origin of one of the nine thermal water springs.

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Sweating grotto

The Sweating Grotto of San Martino is a natural Turkish bath; a detoxifying trail/path that takes place in two tunnels penetrating into the rock for over 50 metres. Finished in 1827, the grottos lead to one of the thermal water springs; a fascinating journey through time.

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Medieval baths

Inspired by the Middle Ages, this area of ​​Bagni Vecchi offers a whole-body detoxifying pathway. With the help of saunas, it takes inspiration from the natural elements in an ancient and evocative architectural environment.

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Imperial baths

The Imperial Baths alternate spa practices with relaxation areas and boast comfortable panoramic lounges. The sequential pools for this tonifying, effervescent, and luminous pathway are designed for the complete recuperation of physical and psychological wellness.

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