wellness food

Taste a new experience

Delectable new dishes to welcome you back with total confidence. Our wellness philosophy is inspired by the belief that we need to feed both body and spirit.

Embrace total wellness with a gourmet break. Our bistrot is ready to enrich your day with a range of delicious choices and a charming setting to spend time together. The new dishes created for our Wellness Lunch range from seasonal starters to gourmet desserts, exploring different combinations of authentic and fresh ingredients.

New additions. Two delicious types of menus: 2-course Wellness Breaks and 3-course Wellness Lunches, each offering a range of different options to satisfy every palate, all set apart by their flavour and lightness.

Wellness lunch

Lunch or Breaktime: our new 2- and 3-course menus, ranging from seasonal starters to delicious desserts, are served. Drinks and coffee always included.

Everyday 12 - 14

From 20 € | on reservation