wellness pathway

Salus per Aquam

Welcome to the alpine wellness of QC Terme Chamonix. The spa echoes the philosophy of ancient Imperial Rome, which placed water at the centre of satisfying body and spirit. As in the ancient Baths of Caracalla, Diocletian and Trajan, we also heat the aqueduct water to 34 - 36 °C, making the experience most enjoyable. The new QC Terme Chamonix wellness centre strengthens the links between QC Terme and the mountains. In fact, we have always recognized the clearly beneficial power of mountain environments. For this reason, we place our facilities in breathtaking locations at high altitudes. This enhances the wellness experience, draws on the authentic values of Alpine relaxation, and offers the pleasure of devoting time to oneself surrounded by nature.

Whirlpools and panoramic views

Enjoying a unique Alpine landscape while immersed in warm water is an act bringing well-being. Benefit from a dip into beauty, among jets of energizing micro-bubbles which awaken the body by encouraging increased circulation and giving a feeling of lightness and tonicity .

Waterfalls and hydrojets

Surrender to the natural pleasure of a water massage that progressively awakens blood and lymphatic circulation, pampering your body with enveloping, energetic warmth. Discover the benefits of Vichy forest showers, which offer an emotionally stimulating experience that provokes the senses. It's like being under pleasant falling rain midst forest trees.

Salt room

The sea and the mountains share many similarities. Although far apart, both are sources of well-being for body and mind. In this sea-like corner within the mountains, you can breathe the benefits of salt air, taking advantage of the principles of halotherapy.


Relive the warm sensations that the great mountaineers themselves experienced in mountain shelters after a cold trek in the snow. Relax and warm your body in the sauna, allowing yourself to be enveloped by the timeless charm of an historic alpine chalet.

Steam baths

Let yourself be enveloped in the warmth of experiential steam baths dedicated to the mountains. Purify yourself while discovering the sensation of being wrapped in a warm Tartan blanket, or the beauty of a starry sky, and experience the wonder of being inside a glacier.

Sensory tubs

Chromotherapy, a Japanese bath, and a Kneipp path bring you an inner dimension of deep relaxation, gently soothing and providing a sensation of well-being.

Relaxation rooms

Silence holds the most poetic words. Our themed relaxation rooms are the ideal place to relax. Read and listen to the silence, getting on an antique sleigh which is now a bed or trying the gentle massage of a water bed.

Olfactory space

Get close, breath in, awaken and allow unexpected memories, suggestions and emotions to take shape. Fragrances have the power to awaken deep energies and evoke the past. Each fragrance captures a moment, a substance, a character and an element. Letting you discover the one that closest matches your personality and which is in synch with your feelings.