Taking care of ourselves has always been our idea of wellbeing.

That's why respecting the environment and protecting both our guests and staff is always our top priority.

Every day, in our own small way, we strive to be advocates of conscious and sustainable behaviour, with an ethos of collaboration and trust aspiring solely to a better future.

We wellness safe

Our hotels, wellness centres and spas have always been designed to offer guests the highest, most innovative standards of quality, safety and hygiene.

- Access to the facilities: entrance is permitted at set times and by reservation only.

- Hotel: using our online check-in and check-out system, we ensure direct access to your room, following hassle-free key collection at reception, and your entire stay can be conveniently paid for from your smartphone.

- Massages: our staff wear face masks and use disposable equipment or equipment that can be sanitised, as well as sanitising the massage facilities after each treatment.

Love the planet

We at QC Terme care about the planet's wellbeing and feel responsible for the environment every day.

That's why we implement small changes in our day-to-day that can make a big difference. Here's how you can help:

- water, as we know, is our most precious asset: use it mindfully and don't waste a single drop

- reduce and optimise energy consumption when using your devices

Earth is a limited edition

Is it our Earth or our heart that's limited edition? It's both.

Our heart and our earth are both limited edition.
Although they are both extremely delicate, we often forget to treat the earth with the same care and attention we pay to our own hearts.

We have decided to design a collection of disposable products that are fully biodegradable, providing some wellbeing for mother nature too, making our home a more hospitable place for us and for generations to come.