tempting to the palate as well as the eye.


We believe that true well-being lies in the satisfaction of the spirit as well as the taste buds. This is the reason why we offer gourmet wellness where everything, even sweet treats in the right proportions, can be enjoyed; because the perfect balance is found inside oneself.

Get excited with a high class dinner at the Restaurant "The Ballroom" of the Grand Hotel Bagni Nuovi di Bormio; taste traditional Valtellina in the "Antica Osteria Belvedere dei Bagni Vecchi"; try a gourmand experience in the QC Termemontebianco Hotel restaurant with creative cuisine and typical products of the Aosta Vally; let yourself be pampered by the haute cuisine of the Hic Restaurant in the Domus Iris, with its creative version of Roman specialities. Wherever you are, QC Terme fascinates with its taste, variety, and richness of its offerings. 

The 360° QC Terme wellness experience involves all the senses and does not exclude taste. Whether it is breakfast as you wake up in one of our hotels or a a simple but tasty light lunch in one of our wellness centers. Whether we talk about a dinner in one of our gourmet restaurants or enjoying a more simple Aperiterme in bathrobe, the QC Terme food experience can always satisfy your senses and complete the search for wellness.  

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