Anyday is a spa day

Which is the ideal day for a pure relaxation experience? Whenever you like! Treat yourself to a wellness break whenever suits you best, in between your other commitments or to celebrate a special moment: our town and country oases are always ready to welcome you for a regenerating experience, by yourself or together with loved ones: so come on and enjoy the magic of endless light baths, panoramic saunas and warm outdoor pools, for a sensory journey you will never forget.

Time to escape

As the clock continues to tick away, at QC Terme you can experience the magic of a time within time: here you can escape the daily pressures by immersing yourself in a universe made of dreams and imagination, where reality gives way to fantasy. Playful games and surprises capture the five senses and make this getaway from the world a truly memorable experience. Time stands still, and the outside world ceases to exist.