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QC Termemilano

The wellness oasis in the heart of Milan

Allow time for yourself and your loved ones. Whirlpools, saunas, relaxation rooms and steam baths, a peaceful sanctuary in Porta Romana. QC Termemilano, your moment of well-being.

We are ready to welcome you in accordance with current regulations. Our centre offers all guests a free medical consultation, by appointment, to improve the effectiveness of the wellness path and accelerate psychological and physical recovery or rehabilitation.

Wellness center | QC Termemilano
QC suggests
QC suggests
A peaceful corner protected by the ancient Spanish walls, in the most dynamic and generous of Italian cities. Here the Milanese learn to disconnect and let go. Between pools, gardens and happy hour with massage.

Massages and treatments

Massages have a positive effect on every part of our body: enhancing the immune system, reducing accumulated stress, softening tissues and muscles, and inducing a general feeling of firmness and relaxation. 

Our massages are designed for your personal needs. To achieve this, every detail has been carefully thought out. Music, aromas, oils and essences are carefully designed to accomodate your personal needs.

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QC Termemilano, massages and treatments

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