wellness pathway

Relax and vitality

The philosophy of imperial Rome is alive today, in all its ancient splendour. Just like the Baths of Caracalla, Diocletian or Trajan, we heat the groundwater to a temperature of 37°C, offering a more pleasant experience.

Hydro massages tubs and hydro jets

Close your eyes and allow yourself to be pampered by a variety of rejuvenating hydromassages - waterfalls to relax the muscles in your shoulders and back, floor hydromassage to tone the muscles of the back and buttocks, and jets to stimulate microcirculation. An oasis of wellness that includes over thirty relaxing practices, including chromotherapy sensory tanks, music therapy pools, Kneipp therapy, Vichy showers and footbaths.

Waterfalls and sensorial bath tubs

In our oasis of wellness you will find waterfalls to relax your shoulder and back muscles, and over thirty relaxation practices, including sensorial chromotherapy tubs, musical therapy tubs, Kneipp foot baths and Vichy showers.

Salt room

A sea corner in the city center. Relax and breathe deeply: the salt walls help to drain, tone the skin and clear the respiratory tract.

Saunas and steam bath

Bio-saunas have beneficial detoxifying effects, they purify the skin bringing back its radiance and making the tissues more elastic. Steam bath is an ancient purifying bath that uses the beneficial effect of steam on the skin for renewal, leaving it soft to the touch.

Relaxation rooms

Silence is the sweetest poetry. Our themed relaxation rooms are the ideal place to chill out, read or just listen to the silence.


These fragrances envelop the body in aromas, reawakening the senses and stirring the emotions. Each aroma evokes a particular moment in time, with its own unique materials and character.

Wellness tram

Enjoy the unique experience of a bio-sauna built inside a historical tram. The only bio-sauna in the world built inside a tram. Your relaxation stop.

70° C | 35% humidity