Tailor made collection

Every detail is designed to satisfy the senses, thanks to a personalized treatment.

short massage

A massage to recapture wellbeing, concentrating on a specific part of the body: head, face, back, neck, legs or feet.


Its relaxing effect reduces pain caused by incorrect posture, which can lead to stiffness and muscular tension, alleviating contracture.


In this massage, the muscular rigidity of the neck and spine down to the arms is treated. This rigidity can be caused by postural and behavioural tension, and the massage aims to free and extend movement.


A targeted massage that gives lightness; choose from anti-fatigue, muscular or energising.


A massage dedicated to tired and stressed feet or those with circulatory problems, providing the whole body with profound relaxation and focusing on numerous nerve endings in the feet.

25 min.

44 €


traditional massage

A relaxing massage that focuses on the whole body, stimulating the circulation and metabolism. It follows the tradition of classic massage, which relies on a sequence of rhythmic and dynamic movements, focusing on the deep tissues of the body’s muscle. Combined with this massage, perfumed aromatic oils provide relaxation and psychophysical equilibrium.

50 min.

82 €


anti-stress massage

A harmonious massage, allowing you to enjoy a moment of total surrender. All the techniques used are characterised by listening to you, giving equal importance to the restoration of physical equilibrium and energetic harmony. Gentle and inviting manual techniques relax the whole body, focusing on muscular tension due to stress and improving the vascularisation of tissue.

50 min.

82 €