thermal bath

Moments of vitality and joy at the foot of Mont Blanc. 

Warm water gushing from the heart of the mountains just as they did 1000 years ago. Wood and natural stone for our saunas and baths. Bright and timeless atmospheres for a total remise en forme. 

Thermal baths, whirlpools, and waterfalls.

Thanks to the presence of iron, our hot water help your skin become soft and facilitate blood circulation as well as muscle movement.

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Salt room

Like breathing fresh sea air… but in the mountains. A real breath of sea air for your skin.

Steam bath

This is purifying bath rooted in ancient traditions uses the beneficial effect of steam on the skin to gently renew and smooth.


Panoramic saunas, dry saunas, ventilated saunas, mountain scented saunas, biosaunas.

A sauna for everyone.

Relaxation rooms

Silence is music and harmony. Our themed relaxation rooms are the ideal place to relax, read, and listen to the silence.