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Your journey starts here

A few days before arriving at our resort, you will receive an email that will help you to check in online.

We request that you enter your details and those of any other guests in advance to save time and avoid queueing at reception. Upon arrival, you must simply present an identity document and you will receive your room key, allowing you to embark upon your wellness journey.

Live your experience to the full

Upon the day of your arrival at the hotel, you will receive an email allowing you to access your online account, where you can monitor all of the purchases made during your stay and conveniently pay from your smartphone, whenever you want.

You can also customise every aspect of your stay, selecting your breakfast, ordering lunch and dinner, booking a massage, or even indicating your preferred choice of pillow. Simply scan in the QC Code in your room to access our online services.

Upon your day of departure, we will send you a summary email for your check-out procedure: you can take full advantage of the opportunity for relaxation right up until the last minute, making your final payment just a few minutes before departure - from your smartphone, or using the credit/debit card that you used to make your booking.

You must simply hand in your keys and continue on your way, without having to wait at reception. 


Save time upon arrival by checking in online. 
A few days before your arrival, you will receive an email requesting you to enter your details. 

Every guest must bring along an identity document. 
At the hotel reception, we will verify your identity. 

Enjoy every moment of wellness using your online account. 
You can conveniently pay for all purchases made during your stay from your smartphone, wherever and whenever you want. 

For a carefree departure. 
Thanks to our online check-out service, on your day of departure all you need to do is hand in your room key and continue on your way.