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Salus per aquam: the philosophy of Imperial Rome lives once again in all its former glory. Just as they did during the time of the Baths of Caracalla, of Diocletian or of Trajan, we heat up the underground water to 37°C to make it more agreeable.

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Wellness center in Rome | QC Termeroma
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Precious marbles, pools, fountains, gardens: it is the spirit of the ancient imperial baths, a place of fun and relaxation, of conviviality and good cuisine. To plunge into a thousand-year-old pleasure just half an hour from the capital city.

Massages and treatments

Massages have a positive effect on every part of our body: enhancing the immune system, reducing accumulated stress, softening tissues and muscles, and inducing a general feeling of firmness and relaxation.

Our massages are designed for your personal needs. To achieve this, every detail has been carefully thought out. Music, aromas, oils and essences are carefully designed to accomodate your personal needs.

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Massages have a positive effect on every part of our body. QC Termeroma


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