Body treatments collection

Body-contouring wrap

An intensive wrap with lipolytic and firming action, ideal for effectively combatting blemishes caused by cellulite and localised fat deposits. The wrap is soaked in a gel containing phosphatidylcholine, which helps to reduce fat with an immediate firming and strengthening effect.

The formula is enhanced by toning and energising ginseng extract, working in synergy with the essential oils of juniper and mint, with draining and toning properties. The exclusive draining and firming action of this treatment gives long-lasting results, reshaping the contours of the body and toning the tissue, with a visible loss in centimetres in critical areas such as the abdomen, arms, thighs, hips and buttocks.

50 min.

88 €


- 6 cm mud reduction

This shock treatment with a powerful slimming and draining action enables you to lose up to 6cm in just one session. The first detox phase prepares the surface of the skin and reoxygenates the tissue, restoring the skin to an excellent state of purity, thanks to the innovative three-step spray with a balancing, detox action.

A decongesting and lipolytic compress made up of peat, glycosaminoglycans, phosphatidylcholine and freeze-dried seaweed then attacks the fat deposits and the blemishes caused by cellulite, guaranteeing an immediate reduction in the circumference of critical points.

75 min.

116 €


Brightening scrub 

An exfoliating body treatment, using a high-quality combination of Dead Sea salt and essential oils of lemon and ginger. This unique salt, with detoxifying properties, makes tissue smoother, favouring the absorption of the active ingredients and simultaneously releasing precious trace elements that revitalise the skin. The lemon oil promotes drainage and has a beneficial impact on both circulation and cellulite.

25 min.

44 €