Tailor made collection

Every detail is designed to satisfy the senses, thanks to a personalized treatment.

short massage

A massage to rediscover wellness, focusing on a specific part of the body: facial, back, neck, leg or foot massage.


Suitable for all skin types. A series of stimulating and revitalizing movements to give your face a fresh, rested and sculpted look, also thanks to the stimulation generated by the natural collagen and elastin production.


The soothing effect of this massage relieves pain caused by poor posture leading to stiffness and muscle tension. It favours the reduction of muscle contractions.


This massage promotes the reduction of muscle contractions caused by postural and behavioral tensions, by treating muscle stiffness in the neck, shoulders and arms.


Specific massage to choose between draining and anti-cellulite, anti-fatigue, muscle or energizing.


A massage dedicated to tired and stressed feet. Your body is deeply affected by the numerous nerve endings in your feet. This massage provides a deep relaxing feeling by improving blood circulation.

25 min.

44 €


traditional massage

A relaxing massage which acts on the whole body, stimulating blood circulation and the metabolism. Following the tradition of classic massage by providing sequential rhythmic and dynamic movements, performed in centripetal direction, it acts on the deep layers of the muscles of the body.

In addition to the soothing effects on the psyche, the most important result is the reactivation of the emo- lymphatic system, resulting in the detoxing of the body, preventing aging and providing a greater uptake of nutrients and oxygen to the tissues.

50 min.

78 €


anti-stress massage

A harmonious massage to enjoy a moment of total abandonment. The uniqueness of each person requires specific care and attention. This is why the techniques used in this massage are characterized by the focus on listening to the person, giving equal importance to re-establishing a balance within the physical sphere as well as finding harmony in the energetic sphere. The manual techniques of this massage are gentle and comforting, creating a feeling of general relaxation, reducing muscle tension due to stress, and improving blood supply to the tissues.

50 min.

78 €