thermal bath

Moments of joy and relax in the heart of the Dolomites

Close your eyes and let yourself be lulled by warm thermal waters. A broad selection of thermal treatments will help your muscles relax and relieve accumulated stress. 
Many and various thermal practices provide a total well-being: waterfalls, to relax the muscles of the shoulders and back; whirlpools, to tone the muscles of the back and buttocks; jets to stimulate microcirculation. And again, sensory chromotherapy tubs, tubs with music therapy, Kneipp foot baths and Vichy showers; saunas, bio-saunas and hammam.

Hydro massages tubs and hydro jets

Close your eyes and be lulled by regenerating hydro massages of all types: floor hydro massage to tones up the muscles of the back and buttocks and the hydro jets to stimulate microcirculation.

Waterfalls and sensorial bath tubs

In our oasis of wellness you will find waterfalls to relax your shoulder and back muscles, and over thirty relaxation practices, including sensorial chromotherapy tubs, musical therapy tubs, Kneipp foot baths and Vichy showers.


The regenerating action of our bio-saunas reward you with velvety skin, frees your respiratory system, and relieves muscular tension.

Steam baths

This purifying bath in the ancient tradition avails itself of the benefits of steam, renewing and delicately smoothing the skin.

The rain falls

Abandon yourself to the liberating and purifying power of rain. Allow the water loosen all tension and revitalize your body and mind.


Come closer, spray and awaken memories, ideas and unexpected emotions. Each fragrance embodies a moment, a subject, a character and an element of its own.

Relaxation rooms

Silence contains the most poetic words. Our themed relaxation rooms are the ideal place to relax, read and listen to the silence.

Salt room

A sea corner in the Dolomites. Relax and breathe deeply: the salt walls help to drain, tone the skin and clear the respiratory tract.