The power of water

Known since ancient times and visited since the fifteenth century for their therapeutic and healing powers, the thermal waters that flow from the natural spring Alloch, the only sulphurous spring in Trentino, now feed all indoor practices and pools at QC Terme Dolomiti.

Thermal wellspring in the Dolomites | QC Terme Dolomiti

The same restorative powers that once the locals and notables of the region relied on the hope of healing through the practice of bagn da tof, which in local language means steam bath, today contribute to the growth of the welfare and care of body and spirit of our guests, thanks to the ability to purify the skin, promote relaxation, release muscle tension and relieve the stress of modern life. 

Rich in benefical properties, sulfur and other minerals important, the water from Allochwellspring flows at a constant temperature, in the heart of the Dolomites.