Wellness in Bloom

Get ready for a sweet sensory awakening.

Wellness in Bloom

Get ready for a sweet sensory awakening.

Echoes of nature

Take a deep breath. Your senses awaken, enveloped by the thousands of scents that fill our gardens. Can you pick out each fresh and balsamic note? The citrus aromas of lemon, bergamot, mandarin and orange release their relaxing power under the sun, while sweet and aromatic sage will help you rediscover the joys of daydreaming. Spend some time with thyme and feel your everyday worries melt away: considered a symbol of courage in Ancient Greece, this herb alleviates physical and mental fatigue. And who could forget rosemary: rich in antioxidant properties, it has an energising effect on both body and mind. Appearing in many magical legends, the "dew of the sea", so named for the colour of its leaves, is the plant of remembrance, to share with the people we never want to forget.

Spring salad

Invigorate your taste buds with light and delicate new flavours that will nourish and strengthen your body.
Eat a rainbow in a delicious spring salad: poppy, pumpkin, flax and sunflower seeds are a tasty source of vitamins, minerals and fibre. A great energy boost, seeds are the perfect choice to put some pep in your fresh seasonal vegetables.

Flower infusion

Don't forget your herbal tea: an indulgent addition to your pampering session. Relax and enjoy the benefits of a carefully chosen blend of plants and spices: a beneficial, purifying and rehydrating break, rich in nutrients and minerals, which promotes draining and supports digestion by eliminating toxins.

Time for renewal

The sense of peace that permeates our relaxation rooms allows you to rediscover yourself and enjoy complete harmony with your surroundings. All you have to do is close your eyes and focus on the present. Focus on your breathing, on the flow of air that passes through you, freeing your mind and letting your tension melt away. This is your chance to escape your everyday commitments and really dedicate some time to yourself. Sweet-scented notes soothe your senses, swaddling you in the soft embrace of a cloud. There are magical essences just waiting to be discovered, like our Arias: fragrances with rich and enveloping aromas, each with their own evocative power. After the long winter months, allow yourself to gently reawaken, gradually rediscovering the energy and vitality of a new beginning.

Green bathing

Reconnecting with yourself, discovering the power of new perspectives, and tapping into positive thoughts: this is the very essence of well-being. The magical sensations of multisensory activities immersed in nature will transport you back to childhood adventures. Surrounded by greenery, with the sun-warmed grass beneath your feet, the gardens will activate all five senses.
As feelings of freedom and harmony wash over you, you can get back in tune with your ideas and desires in an atmosphere of pure relaxation.